Sidroga products are exclusively available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria at your pharmacy or chemist shop, because medicine needs confidence!


The company


Sidroga medicinal teas are available in nearly every pharmacy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Pharmacists and their customers appreciate the high quality and effectiveness of Sidroga's tea products. But the company has not been defined only by medicinal teas for a long time now - its product range has been markedly expanded by innovative in-house developments and in-licensing agreements in the field of herbal medicines as well as by its takeover of the Valverde phytopharmaceutical brand from Novartis.


Expert help with self-medication

Sidroga offers a product line with a wide range of tea and non-tea products marketed under two umbrella brands: Sidroga und Valverde.


The SIDROGA range of teas

To make it as easy as possible for consumers to choose the product best-suited to their needs, Sidroga has divided its 60-plus tea products into distinct categories:

Therapy begins with tea – SIDROGA TEA THERAPY In the past, medicinal teas were recommended mainly to treat symptoms. However, with their high potential for effectiveness, carefully selected medicinal teas are considered as the treatment of choice for many mild ailments. SIDROGA TEA THERAPY offers an extensive range for this purpose.  The unambiguous product names have been chosen to make it easier for customers to select the right tea for a particular problem (e.g. Sidroga Tea for Colds or Sidroga Throat and pharyngeal Tea). Well-known medicinal plants such as camomile and thyme are available as non-blended teas in the herbal tea category.
Security begins with tea – SIDROGA TEAS FOR MOTHER & CHILD Teas in the MOTHER& CHILD TEAS category offer relief of symptoms such as cough, cold and stomach upset. Tasty blends of teas are suited to meet the high fluid-intake requirement of children and are extremely easy to digest. Sidroga 1-2-3-Tea tummy bear is a natural extract tea made out of fennel, caraway and anise. Perfect against the thirst of the little whiners. For expectant mothers and breastfeeding women we have our Sidroga pregnancy tea and Sidroga breastfeeding tea. All filter bag teas of the children and mother range are organically cultivated.
Wellness begins with tea – SIDROGA WELLNESS TEAS With its WELLNESS TEAS, such as Sidroga Green Tea and Sidroga Wellness Ginger-Lemon, Sidroga offers products for wellness and relaxation to tea-lovers.


Sidroga supplies all its teas in filter bags. This has many advantages: the release of the active ingredients and flavourings is particularly good because of the high level of grinding of the used plant material. In addition, the convenient filter bags enable a reliable dosage.  Further it's easy to prepare, so they are often used in the office and while travelling.  


VALVERDE Phytopharmaceuticals

In Germany and Switzerland, Sidroga markets herbal medicines in dosage forms like sugar-coated tablets, capsules and syrups under the umbrella brand-name Valverde. This brand is the ideal addition to Sidroga's portfolio with its herbal preparations. Tried and tested remedies such as valerian, hawthorn and melissa are used, as well as exotic plants such as passionflower, senna leaves and figs.


In Germany, Sidroga markets different products under the Valverde brand-name:

Valverde Passiflor forte 425 mg Beruhigungsdragees (sedation).


In Switzerland, several Valverde brand-name products are available:

Valverde Beruhigung Dragées (sedation dragées), Valverde Schlaf Filmtabletten (sleep tablets), Valverde Schlaf forte Filmtabletten (sleep forte tablets), Valverde Entspannung Dragées (relaxation dragées), Valverde Verstopfung Dragées und Sirup (obstipation dragées and syrup), Valverde Prostata uno (prostate capsules) und Valverde Herz Dragées (heart dragées).


Ultimate goal: Optimum quality

Quality assurance has top priority at Sidroga. This starts at the selection stage with its strict criteria for choosing the seeds, and applies to tea and non-tea products alike.  The company switched the production of the medicinal plants to controlled, integrated cultivation.  This guarantees consistently high-quality of the active ingredients.  In addition, attention is paid at all stages of the process to ensure that the products contain no contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals or aflatoxins. The microbial status of the ingredients is also a fundamental part of the testing.  In Germany and Austria, the products are available exclusively in pharmacies, in Switzerland also in non-dispensing chemist shops.


Research commitment

In cooperation with university institutions, the company runs numerous research projects for the continuous development of new scientifically based health concepts.   


Attention to the Point of Sale

A vast range of sales-promotion measures are used to market the products. Besides adverts in the printed media, POS materials such as secondary-placement displays, window decorations etc. are used.  The company's team of representatives offers customer advice, trains the technical staff and also carries out tea-selling campaigns at the point of sale.


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